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For thousands of years, travelers from all over the world have made their way to Socotra as strategic stopover along ancient trade routes, or to access the island's wealth of medicinal plants and generous fisheries. Today, a substantial percentage of foreign visitors to Socotra come as tourists, or guests on the island, drawn in by the promise of being able to experience Socotra's pristine and enchanting nature, along with its incomparably genuine and subsequently captivating culture. Throughout its history, the attributes that render Socotra so unique; its natural and cultural heritage, were the reason that so many visitors from the far corners of the world have stepped foot on its shores. Yet these attributes are not immutable. 


With foreign visitors comes foreign influence, with foreign influence comes the inevitable impact on local customs, environment, and the bidirectional relationship between the two. 

At Discover Socotra, we take responsible tourism seriously and are committed to minimizing negative social and environmental impact, involving locals in all major decision-making, working to enhance the wellbeing of host communities, and contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage on Socotra.


We try our hardest to adhere to the characteristics laid down in The Cape Town Declaration and by the Responsible Tourism Partnership. Furthermore, a percentage of our profits are donated to the Friends of Socotra Association for ongoing research and action on the preservation of Socotri heritage.

 pledge points 

  • Leave no trace: We try our very hardest to leave the places you visit how you found them or cleaner.

  • Take nothing but photos: Socotra is a protected area and taking anything natural that is not purchased off the island is prohibited. 

  • Respect: We are respectful or all local customs and careful not to disrupt any natural processes. 

  • ​Gratitude​: We are grateful for Socotri's abounding hospitality and the island's immense beauty. 

  • Sustainable charity: A substantial percentage of profits are donated to causes that are consistent with our credo. 

For more information on responsible tourism and the Cape Town Declaration, please visit the site of the Responsible Tourism Partnership

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