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Socotra hosts some of the highest levels of insular endemism on earth, unique forms of cultural heritage found nowhere else, and alo acts as a particularly fascinating crossroads of history, ethnicity and contemporary regional politics. For these reasons and many others, Socotra has long been a hotbed for, often seminal, biological and anthropological research, as well as the creation of meaningful and aesthetically awe-inspiring media and art. 

Discover Socotra offers facilitation for the organization and implementation of research and creation of media and art. We cover the whole spectrum of needs for such endeavors.

Some of the services offered include, but are not limited to:




research trip.jpg

In addition, Discover Socotra helps put interested parties in contact with the foremost Socotri and international experts on the relevant subject. 

Logistical support

Cultural, environmental and political consultation

Aesthetic consultation

Technical support (camera assistance and post-production)

Field production

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